Soho’s Story

Our story

How we began as just a supportive space for learning to providing free education to youths, and how we have found our space in the communities we serve.


We started in a building in Katsina, in northern Nigeria, providing workspace with business support services and equipment to youths who wanted to fulfill their aspirations to be entrepreneurs.

2016 – 2017

Overtime, we designed and delivered a curriculum of technical and business education courses to youths. We taught through classroom and one-to-one coaching. We believed in building from inside out. That is, spark the interest, and students succeed beyond any classroom.


We were officially launched with blessings from the community, and officiated by my dear friend and brother, then Special Advisor on Science and Technology, Dr. Rabe Nasir, as well as business and youth leaders.

2018 – 2019

We expanded our programmes, started a community college offering certifications. As our community grew, we supported the establishment of youth groups such as the Katsina City Toastmasters Club, Reader’s Hub and Lumilab.


We begin our outreach programmes throughout Nigeria, often collaborating with the NGOs, start-ups and entrepreneurs working in our shared workspace. We spoke on invitations from universities, youth centres, business incubators, and other NGO communities.


The Foundation goes cross border and becames more active in community projects from supporting Almajiri kids in Katsina, to villagers in Nigeria and families in need in Malaysia. Our mission to promote literacy gains an international network of educators and supporters.

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